About Vinny Services

Vinny Service is a company specialized in: Project, manufacture, Install, and customization Cabinets VS started after I spent 10 years honing my design and assembler skills in the aeronautics and defense industry. In 2017, already in America, I was able to put into practice all my experience acquired in 3D with the expertise of carpentry, which I developed since my adolescence in my home country, Brazil. With only 4 years of existence and moving towards another birthday, VS has been growing. and producing great works. And it stands out wherever it goes. All this due to our high finish and dedication. "Details that mark, handmade".

With the Mission to Innovate, develop, produce, assemble, install and sell cabinets and accessories with quality, economic competitiveness and respect for the environment. VS has been working quickly and effectively to ensure our customers' satisfaction. Getting to know them more and better, making them friends and delivering the best every day. Along of this years Vinny has been Developing business by providing partners and customer, solutions that bring consistent growth in revenue, profitability, customer satisfaction and market share.